scallion sesames pancakes
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Scallion Sesame Pancakes recipe is one of the quick easy recipe dinner. Scallion sesame pancake is modified scallion Pancakes recipe and it is another delicious food in the world. This time, I introduce a way to cook by using flour, scallion, sesames and olive oil mainly without adding yeast.

Time:      30 Minutes                             Serve 4-6


3 cups (16 oz.) of flour

5-6 Scallions (green onion)

5-6 tbsp. Olive oil

1 tsp. salt.

¼ cup of sesame


  1. Use 1 lb. flour and warm water to make a dough: Put the 3 cups flour, around 1 pound into a container, add warm water 1 cup slowly while stir it to one direction with a whip, or chopsticks or mixer. Then use hand to make it to a dough, cover with plastic wrap, and let it sit there for about 20 minutes.dough
  2. Put a pan with medium heat, put sesame ¼ cut, stir fry for 1 minute.
  3. Cut the 5-6 scallions (green onions) to pieces and put into a container, add 2 tbsp. oil and 1 tsp. salt and sesame, then mix it as “ingredients”.scallion and oil and salt
  4. Take the dough out from the container, and roll them, cut to two parts.cut the dough to two parts
  5. Take one part of the dough, and roll it to thin slice,dough to thin
  6. spread over the ingredients”-sesames, scallions, olive oil and salt on the dough,ingredients on the dough
  7. Then fold it another times with adding the “ingredients”.following up with fold the edge of the dough from up to down.Fold the dough with ingredients
  8. Then pat the dough and roll it to be thin and cut the raw scallion sesame pancakes cross the dough to 8 pieces like cutting pizza.Roll and Cut the dough
  9. Take the other part of the dough from the container, make another raw scallion sesame pancake as same way.
  10. Put pan as medium heat. Put 1/2 tbsp. olive oil in the pan, put 3 pieces of the raw scallion sesame pancake in the pan to cook around 1 minute.scallion sesame pancakes in cooking
  11. and turn over, and cook both sides to golden brown.scallion sesame pancake cooking in pan
  12. The delicious scallion sesame pancakes is ready for serve.scallion sesames pancakes

4 Thoughts on “Scallion Sesame Pancakes ”

  • This looks so good! I love how you use photos to show how each step is done to produce such a delicious food. You make everything look simple, appetizing and easy! Thirty minutes, hmmm that oughta work out nicely.
    Wonderful website.
    Keep up the good work.
    I will bookmark for easy access!

    • Hi, Victoria,
      Thank you very much for your comments and very welcome you visit my site and give feed back. I hope you try it and get delicious foods!

  • Hi Sophia. I tried the plain scallion pancakes, but I found that I like more flavor on mine. I added, a little extra dash of salt, garlic powder, onion powder, onion flakes, a dash of Sazon and a dash of sugar. I know I am awful, right? LOL. Also, the recipe I am used to is instead of chopping the scallions short, they usually chop them the long way so it looks shredded. I also realized what they do, which is probably not as healthy as yours, but it is sooo good too. You see, I remember my mom making fritters with white flour, a little salt and sugar. It was a very loose batter, almost watery. It is fried in a little vegetable oil. Instead of pouring in the pan like a pancake, it is drizzled in zig-zag and round, etc. so that it creates holes. The fritter cooks quickly and crispy. You let them drain on paper towels or paper plates until all the excess oil is absorbed. You serve them hot. But if it weren’t for your recipe, I would have never figured out the one I was looking for. Thanks so much!

    • Hi, Kris, Thank you for your sharing! I apologized for delayed reply. Yes, there are so many recipes that were created by different people. I also like to update some recipes to different recipes.Thank you very much!

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