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Hi, I am Sophiafong.  Over the past several years, I have found methods and recipes to cook that are quick, easy and healthy all while working a full time job and raising a son!

Having grown up in a middle class family, I learned to prepare foods that are less expensive using healthy ingredients. Tasty food is an important requirement too!

I created this site to share my recipes and vision of helping others learn more easily what it has taken me a lifetime to learn and that anyone can cook delicious dinners quickly, easily and with healthy options.  With increased internet technologies learning to cook no longer must be taught in a small village setting but instead can be shared with family, friends and everyone who has access to the web.  Learning cooking skills is no longer a dream but a reality.

I am glad you have visited my site and hope you find my ideas useful and interesting.  I welcome your feedback about recipes, healthy diets and any other questions you may have.

More about me…

As a young child, my mom worked outside our home and encouraged me to cook for my brothers and sisters.  I even made them hand noodles when I was just 6 years old!  Mom was my first teacher and I remember I didn’t like cooking at first but in time I began to think of cooking as an art form and I was the artist.  Since then I have learned more techniques and foods from classmates, coworkers and friends.  Now with the internet anyone can be a great cook!

I am now in my 50s, with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 21-22 which is a very acceptable range.  I work 40 hours per week and usually bring my lunch box from home and also eat my quick easy dinners at home after working a 12 hour shift. Additionally, I am able to eat out at restaurants 1-2 times each week with my husband and family.

Always the question looms–What foods should I eat?

There are a multitude of already prepared foods that can be purchased from the super market but do not taste as fresh and good as what you can prepare in your own kitchen-AND the cost will be much more if purchased from the store.  However, each of us must prioritize our foods and meals.  Do we want them to be healthy? Is cost a major factor?  Is our time more important?  Should it be delicious?  Of course! We must decide what is best for US.

If you can dream it, you can do it.  If your priority goal is cooking healthy, you will find ways to make it. Whatever is your priority You will be successful. Remember this truth:


I will be updating my site regularly with new “ideas” so be sure to visit often.  Please feel free to leave a simple comment below or you may also send an email if more discussion is needed about my foods and recipes.

Thank you for dropping by and I wish you the best always.

Anyway, many thanks for the tutors of Wealthy Affiliate that I learned making my first website here. Wish all of you are best!


Founder of Quick Easy Recipes Dinner
email. sophiafong@quickeasyrecipesdinner.com