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What should you use to prepare for cooking?

You would like to prepare some cooking utensils and kitchenware after you are aware of or make a decision that you want to cook at home, As you know that there are some appliances in the kitchen already in most houses, such as stove, microwave, refrigerator, so it is known that you have the three things in your kitchen. You need to think about what other equipment you need for cooking. 

Basic kitchenware

  • Wok:
  • Pots:
  • Steamer:
  • Rice Cooker:
  • Microwave:
  • Electric Kettle:

Kitchen auxiliary tools:

  • Cutting boards:
  • Knives:
  • Others:


  • Bowls:
  • Plates:
  • Chopsticks:
  • Forks and spoons:
  • Containers for leftover food:
  • a set of food containers with locks, and use them for the leftover food to put it in the fridge.