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There are thousands of types of food in the world, and food culture developed as the time moved on. There are various food recipes were created the base on different locations, religious, situation, and ingredients. It is important to know the food culture while learning food recipes, let’s discuss that food displays a culture.

Food displays its identity. We know people have their identities.   Do you wonder if food has its own identity? Absolutely, yes.  In Unites State, mostly, there are a few kinds of foods, foods of European colonization of the Americas, African-American Food, Mexican Food, Filipino Food, Chinese Food, and Vietnamese Food.  Generally, they look different, taste different, ingredients also unique.  After eating various kinds of food, you would discover where the food originally comes from. For example, scrambled eggs, the tastes, and texture in a Chinese restaurant are distinct from European American Restaurant.

Food demonstrates religion and value. People with their religious believe might eat different food. There is some restriction based on religious rules. Usually, Christianity, the predominant religion in the UK, generally, there are no dietary restrictions. Individuals may choose to forgo alcohol and may choose whether or not to eat meat. Islam, Muslims eat halal foods, including fruit, vegetables, and eggs, any meat, and meat product.  The consume must be from a halal slaughtered animal, prohibited to eat haram foods, such as pork, crustaceans, blood, non-halal animal-derived additives, such as gelatin or suet, alcohol and any foods containing alcohol as an ingredient.  Chinese eat dumplings in the day Dongzhi, the coldest and the shortest day in winter, usually December 21 to December 23 every year,  to prevent loss of an ear or ear injury, frostbite.

Food represents a historic culture. There is a lot of food with great historic cultural stories. Food developed based on its historical era, economic, environment, social interaction. Nowadays, immigrants in the global make diversity of food cultures, people can absorb the culture each other. Even though the young generations learned some updated cooking methods or food culture from surrounding people in the new locations, new countries, the motherhood national culture of cuisine have still stayed with them since their childhood. In ancient, people may eat raw food, like raw vegetables, and then cooked cuisine. Chinese food mentioned cool food, hot food, they are different functions to the body, and this is related to traditional Chinese medicine theories.  There are so many amazing stories about food culture in every geographical location.

Food arrays taste based on the cultures. There are so many kinds of food tastes in different locations. Chinese cooking has long been focused on the taste of your mouth and also on the feeling of your mind, mental taste. It not only has strict requirements on the color, aroma, and taste of food and snacks, but also has certain requirements for their naming, taste, the rhythm of eating, and the interspersed entertainment. The name of Chinese cuisine can be said to be fascinating, refined and popular. The names of the dishes are named according to the realism of the main, auxiliary, seasoning and cooking methods. They are also named according to historical anecdotes, myths and legends, celebrity food, and dish images, such as “family portrait”, “general bridge” and “lion head”. “Beggar chicken”, “Longfeng Chengxiang”, “Hongmen Banquet”, “Dongpo meat”. In the United States, people immigrants from different locations, multiple cultures with multiple food tastes.

To summarize, food exhibits its culture, let’s embrace the traditional culture and inherit the heritage to distribute tasty recipes in the global world village.

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