Easy French Bread Sandwich
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French Bread Sandwich use Quick Easy recipe. Using cooking and raw vegetables, some cooked meat. It can be served as dinner, working lunch. It is so delicious food. It is top easy and popular.

Time:   2  minutes                                              Serve 1


1 French bread

Meat and vegetables

½ Cooked Jing Sauce Meat

¼ cup Sweet Sour Radish 

¼ cup of Sweet Sour Carrot

1-2 Parley or Green Onion

1-2 Slices of Cucumber     /p>


Put all cooked Jing Sauce Meat with all vegetables in the bread and hold it, start to serve.


  1. You can change meat inside and vegetables, but the dry fresh French bread is very delicious.
  2. You can buy the bread in supermarket or online French bread.
  3. You can cooked Jing Sauce Meat, Sweet Sour Radish, Sweet Sour Carrot at your free time and keep it in refrigerate for a 3-4 days.

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