Steamed Baozi
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Steamed Baozi (modified Steamed dumpling) is an easy cooking recipe, it is usually popular in middle of china, such like Beijing, Xian, Luoyang, Tianjin. This is a modified Steamed Dumpling or bun with filler.

  1. Dough preparation (5 minutes+15 minutes)


½ lb. all-purpose flour powder

1 tbs. yeast


Raised DoughPut a ½-1 cup of water to mix to be a dough, cover it and stand by for 10-15 minutes until raises

2. Filler preparation

Refer fired ground port with zucchinis               15 minutes

If you can prepare earlier, it will save time.

3. Make Raw Baozi Direction

  • Dough for Baozi or DumplingsRoll the dough for a few time and roll the dough to a long cylinder, and cut to see if it raise well.
  • Dough Pieces for BaoziCut the dough to 20 to 24 or use half of the dough, cut to 10-12.
  • Dough pieces for dumplingUse rolling pin to roll dough pieces to round and flat shape.
  • Take a dough into your hand and put a spoon full of filler on the dough
  • Pinch it around (see video)

4. Cooking Steamed Baozi Direction

  • Fill water into a steamer in half full and put on stove with high heat until boiling, Also you can use electric steamer or rice cooker with half full.
  • Steaming Baozi
  • Put raw baozi into the steamer, see picture. Cover with lid. Steam for 18 minutes and turn off the heat. Let it sit for 5 minutes before open the lid.
  • Take out baozi for serve.

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