Handmade Noodles
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The hand noodles, also called handmade noodles is a great food that I remembered when I was a child. The special memory is still fresh in my mind, I often stood in the kitchen to watch my mother making hand noodles at those time. Often throwing a few slices of pork or shredded pork,or cook with eggs in the pan would make the taste so fragrant. In an early morning I ate a bowel of eggs hand noodles made by my mother before I went to school. It really tastes great! I will never forget it, and I still think that it is mouth-watering.

Because of curiosity and need, I learned how to do hand noodle at my young age. Nowadays, few people spend their time doing manual noodles. It is too troublesome, time-consuming and laborious. In the market, all kinds of noodles of various types and sizes are randomly selected, and the price is also very cheap. With a little pouring, it is a delicious bowl of noodles. This kind of time saves time and trouble. We often buy a variety of noodles in our homes.

Healthy eating has always been my goal. Occasionally, I am off my work and at home, I will do it once, hand noodles. In the supermarket, buy some good flour, put in an egg, cut it into silk or wide slices, and do more at each time. The rest will be spread on the plate and put into the refrigerator for quick freezing. After forming, put it in the storage bag. The next time you eat the noodles, you can take it out and put it in the soup. It is not too much trouble. Occasionally or exclusively for children, it is still simple. The hand noodles with eggs and tomatoes recipes as bellow: Hand noodles with eggs and tomatoes

Hand noodles with eggs and tomatoes recipe:


  • 1 cup of All-purpose flour
  • 1 pinch of Salt
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 mediate tomatoes
  • 2 sweet peppers
  • 2 green onions
  • A handful green bean
  • Seasoning: ½ of salt, ½ tsp of deep colored soy sauce, 1 tsp light colored soy sauce, ½ tsp of vinegar, a pinch of pepper powder, a pinch of star aniseed powder.


Step 1: to make a hand noodles

  • Put a cup of flour into a contain, a pinch of salt and an egg together
  • Stir with chopsticks and try to make the flour stained with water and become cotton-like.
  • With the power of the palm of your hand, the focus of this step is  to put all the loose cotton and flour into the dough
  • Put the dough on the dough pad and continue to rub it with the   strength of the palm. This step repeatedly knead the dough and the dough becomes smoother and smoother. If you are in the same time, it will be very fast. It will be so smooth in about 5 minutes
hand noodles dough
  • Use a rolling to make it as thin as possible, and the dough will be soft. Otherwise it is too thick and the noodles are not easy to cook. A dough only licked such a pancake.
  • Sprinkle the flour on the thin pastry, then turn it over and sprinkle the flour on the back.
  • Then, fold the cake like this, and sprinkle the flour to prevent the cake from sticking together at this step.
  • Finally, cut them into pieces one by one with a knife. If you want to eat a wide noodle, you can cut it a bit wider. If you want to eat a fine noodle, you will cut it narrower.
handmade noodles
  • The point is that the noodles fold together after they are cut. First pick up the end of all the noodles by hand, then shake it,     then rub it with your hand, and the folded noodles are all open.
Handmade Noodles

Step 2: Cooking:

Hand Noodles Ingredients
  • Put half pot of water and turn on the stove to make water to boiling for using.
  • Put another pan, pour the base oil, and heat the egg into the egg. If you like to eat a little slippery egg, use chopsticks to stir the bottom of the pot. You like to eat whole pieces. The eggs that are a bit of focus are still, and they will turn over after being fried.
Frying Scramble eggs
  • After scrambled the eggs, put in the tomato pieces. Try to use a shovel to fry the tomato juice. Add sweet peppers, green beans. Stir it about 2 minutes.
Frying Eggs with Tomatoes
  •  Add ½ of salt, ½ tsp of deep colored soy sauce, 1 tsp light-colored soy sauce, ½ tsp of vinegar, a pinch of pepper powder, and a pinch of star aniseed powder. If you want to master the amount of seasoning, you have to taste it and then adjust it. Vinegar and sugar cannot be less, although the amount is very small, but enough to brighten the dish
  • Put the boiled water about 2 bowel into the pan, wait for boiling again. Enter the raw hand noodles in it, cover the lid and open the lid after boiling again, then use chopsticks to mix them to prevent to stick together.
  • After the all ingredients boiled again, pour a cup of water, boil it again, and then half cup of water. Repeated two times, the noodles are basically cooked, put the spinach and green onions into it.
  • Tomato juice, sour and sweet, it is best to eat.


Hand noodles, Eggs with Tomatoes


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